Pregnancy Testimonials


“I wanted to let you know that I ended up going into labor naturally the day after your acupuncture treatment and that that we had the birth experience I was hoping for at the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth. It was a beautifully supported experience and I appreciate you being a part of our team! Baby and I are both happy and healthy. Thank you!”


“You had asked me to let you know if she turned and she did! We had a wonderful birth experience. Thank you so much for your help.”


“I began visiting with Brooke and Ferran in preparation for conception. Now, in my sixth month, my visits have become high points of my week, a special moment to look forward to, after which I almost always feel that something in me has shifted or otherwise been lightened. I always come away feeling clearer and more balanced. They have been able to successfully treat specific physical problems that I had been suffering from and, I believe, have been instrumental in helping me keep an overall healthy mental and physical balance throughout my pregnancy.

The entire process of my pregnancy has been a very joyful experience and I have been fortunate enough to experience none of the negative side effects that pregnant women usually suffer from, such as nausea. I have no way of knowing to what degree this can be attributed to having worked with Brooke and Ferran but I do know that friends of mine who had been having a difficult time (nausea, vomiting) were happy to announce vast improvements after working with Brooke and Ferran.

One of the things that I most like about the way they work is their even mixture of human sensitivity with levelheaded medical knowledge and advice. I know that I’m in good hands with them.


I visited Brooke when I was in the 41st week of pregnancy with my son. I was hoping to get labour started naturally and avoid a medical induction. I had one session of acupuncture, after which I felt very relaxed and calmer than I had for many days. I went into labour a day and a half later. Brooke was friendly and professional and I felt very confident in her hands.


I would like to thank you profoundly for your support, your love and your work caring for me during my pregnancy and for helping with the birth of my son. The birth was more amazing than I ever imagined. The herbs that you prescribed following the birth were wonderful! I felt much stronger once I started taking them despite the fact that I was sleeping very little.


I wanted to tell you that the birth was amazing! Finally I officially went into labor at 41 weeks and 4 days. I had been having contractions for many days and when labor began it all went very fast. In one hour and a half I was holding my daughter in my arms. There were no complications and my body did all of the work in an incredible way. I want to thank you with all of my heart for your support. I am convinced that thanks to your help everything was very fluid and relaxed.


I have been extremely fortunate in experiencing Brooke’s work, both personally and professionally over the last few years. She has been the number one health practitioner I have turned to for a myriad of issues. I have been so lucky to have shared with her a workspace, teaching, healing and friendship. Brooke gives real meaning to the word holistic health. All the patients I have referred to her as well as myself have experienced great benefit from her treatments, and have felt secure and at ease with her experience, professionalism, and extraordinary intuition and sensibility. It is almost impossible to describe in a few lines the how Brooke’s wide knowledge and wisdom can help improve your life. I feel blessed to have her in my life and will be forever thankful of all of her help. Don’t hesitate, book a session and begin to experience extraordinary changes.

Manuela (Doula and Alexander Technique Practitioner)

“John was born the 1st of June after a beautiful natural birth. I was laboring all night very relaxed, with my birth ball and music while my husband and son were sleeping. When we arrived at the hospital that morning, I was already dilated to 10cm! Nobody could believe it because I was so relaxed and was walking perfectly. We asked that a midwife be present at all times to make sure someone was around to catch the baby (her first baby came out unexpectedly and landed on the floor. Luckily he was not injured at all). Since my water had not broken I was on the ball, in the shower, and receiving massage for more than 6 hours! I think I was afraid of the next stage…afraid that the same thing may happen and the baby would end up on the floor. Finally, I stretched and closed my eyes and something magical happened. You appeared with a brilliant light between your hands. You told me you were there to catch the baby; that he was ready to be born. Within two minutes my water broke and the baby came right out. I finally had him in my arms! Thank you for accompanying me at every moment. ”


“I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for me and my daughter before she made her debut on this Earth. This little girl-this miracle-wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. ”


“Brooke, I am so grateful for al of your help and support throughout my pregnancy. Thank you!”


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