“Prenatal Yoga” with Brooke Phillips

Created by acupuncturist, prenatal yoga instructor, and mother of 3, Brooke Phillips. This video contains a gentle Qi gong exercise, 2 short meditations, a yoga sequence, and acupuncture point tapping to release fear.


Part 1 – Rainbow Breathing Qi Gong: This is a great exercise to do during the first trimester to support your energy levels and emotional well being, as well as the development of your baby.

Part 2 – Yoga and Meditation Sequence: During the second and third trimesters this sequence helps you to connect with your baby, create flexibility in your body, and prepare you for the adventure of birth. There are exercises heard towards promoting optimal positioning of the baby, as well as practicing how to relax and allow yourself to open during the actual birth.

Part 3 – Acupuncture Point Tapping: As you enter the third trimester it is time to focus on birth preparation. This exercise is a great tool to help release and transform your fears about giving birth.


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