“May all sentient beings have happiness,
may they all be free from suffering,
may they all remain in supreme joy,
and may they all remain in great equanimity.”

“The Four Boundless Aspirations Prayer” (Read more)


“Couples Fertility Massage” with Brooke Phillips:

This Couples Massage video was designed by acupuncturist and fertility specialist Brooke Phillips for couples who want to be active participants in their journey

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“Energy Exercises for Fertility” with Brooke Phillips:

this set of Energy Exercises helps dissolve physical, emotional or energetic blockages that may be inhibiting conception.

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“Prenatal Yoga” with Brooke Phillips:

This video contains a gentle Qi gong exercise, 2 short meditations, a yoga sequence, and acupuncture point tapping to release fear

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“Self Massage for Wellbeing – The Dry bath” (video)

The Dry bath Qi Gong is a very efficient and simple self massage practice to keep the body healthy, the mind calm end the emotions balanced. It is a great daily practice to reduce stress, improve immunity, deepen breathing, eliminate pain and sleep better.

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“Timeless Wisdom for Health from the Yellow Emperor” (text)

Wisdom for health and happiness from the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine.

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“Centering Breathing” (video)

Introduction to using alternated nostril breathing to center ourselves. This is very useful breathing to promote calmness, inner peace and clarity of mind. Also very useful for those who use their cellphones a lot since it helps to refresh the brain.

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“Cultivating a satisfying breath” (text)

Breathing more efficiently is  key to achieve and maintain good health. High-quality breathing doesn’t just provide fuel to allow our body to work properly and sweep out all the rubbish produced by cells when creating energy; it is also the “switch” that adjusts the nervous system, regulating all states of nervousness and anxiety.

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“Simple Techniques to Deepen your Breathing” (text)

Improve your breathing and your well-being easily by performing simple exercises and breathing techniques.

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“Healing Smile – Awakening Wellbeing” (video – audio)

The Healing Smile is a very simple, yet very deep, practice that awakens our natural ability to heal and experience well-being. In essence, it is an organized and systematic process of oxygenating ourselves, by bringing the Life of life, the union of our attention and intention in the form of breathing and healing light, to the space around us, our surface and our internal space.

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Healing with Sound and Color (video)

The Healing Sounds practice is a truly wonderful and effective method for regenerating and restoring health. It is very useful for everybody, specially ofr those who suffer from chronic illnesses or those who want to prevent them. Besides the physical aspect it balances the emotions and awakens the inner virtues (openness, wisdom, perseverance, kindness, flexibility, love, joy and stability).

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“The Natural Mind in Everyday Life” (text)

Improving our health and maintaining well-being is inseparable from the way we deal with our emotions and the state of our mind. Here you will find some exceptional words of wisdom about how to relate to our life with openness from one of the most revered master of Tibetan Buddhism from the 20th century, HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

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“From Stress and Fear to Inner Peace and Wellbeing” (text)

Here you will find a very simple exercise to turn those feared moments into gateways to experience yourself in a whole different light.

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“The Four Boundless aspirations” (text)

True health is always related to contentment and how we relate to others.

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“Qi Gong Warm Up I: (Video)”

Short routine of movement to improve the health of the internal organs and joints. Part I.

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“Qi Gong Warm Up II: Tapping to Release Energy Blockages and Improve Blood Circulation” (video)

Short routine of movement to improve the health of the internal organs and joints. Part II.

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“Circular Breathing – Collecting Heavenly Dew” (video)

This very simple movement is an introduction to energy exercises (Qi Gong). Very useful to bring the balance body, energy and spirit.

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“El Yoga Ibérico: La Siesta Dinámica” (text – Spanish)

Would you like to feel more relaxed, less affected by daily stress, to rejuvenate your body, and to be more creative, more productive at work? The nap is the answer to your desires. Yes! According to recent neuroscience studies and sleep patterns, napping gives you all that and a lot more .

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“Do you want to lose weight? Consider this 4 great tips”:

Four very important tips most people don´t know about weight loss and detox

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“Key points for a good digestion”: Consider these basic suggestions for good digestive health.

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  • – Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold
  • – The Shambhala Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine, by Daniel Reid
  • – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine, by Maoshing Ni
  • – Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford
  • – Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon
  • – Staying Healthy with the Seasons, by Elson Haas, M.D.
  • – Where Heaven and Earth Unite, by Ferran Blasco
  • – Earth Alchemy, by Dominique Susani and Anne Parker

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