“Cultivating a satisfying breath”

Breathing correctly is the key to achieving and maintaining good health. High-quality breathing doesn’t just provide fuel to allow our body to work properly and sweep out all the rubbish produced by cells when creating energy; it is also the “switch” that adjusts the nervous system, regulating all states of nervousness and anxiety.

Breathing is the external sign of the internal state of health of the mind and body. Most people breath superficially and only use a small part of their lung capacity. This is frequently due to emotional tension, poor body position, tight clothes, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Superficial breathing is not efficient because it deprives the body of oxygen and generates illness, lack of inner harmony, emotional imbalance, and mental blocks, and it results in a disorganized way of life.

Improving the way we breathe helps to improve our health, resulting in a higher quality of life and greater longevity. There are many benefits to spending some minutes every day breathing consciously and, then, incorporating this practice into the rest of the day.

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