Total Body Analysis

What is the Total Body Analysis?

Total Body Analysis is a unique system that allows the body to communicate its needs using an advanced form of kinesiology. The objective is to access information from the patients neurological system to understand the nature of the present symptoms and imbalances. Total Body Analysis utilizes the fact that your brain is recording everything that happens and this information can be accessed through the neurological system. This system works within the same context as Biotherapeutic Drainage—healing can occur when toxins and trauma are removed from the cells, tissues, and organs.

We use the Total Body Analysis in two ways:

– As a guide to understand which organ systems need attention, which disease causing agents need to be addressed, and to help choose the appropriate natural medicines

As a guide to understand which organs systems need attention, which disease-causing agents need to be addressed, and to make an individualized TBA remedy.

Total Body Analysis (TBA) remedies are designed to:

– Balance and support the cellular actions and functions of the body that need attention.

– Antidote any toxins that might have been inhibiting the body’s natural ability to heal.

– Supply the Quantum nutrients needed.

TBA remedies are Quantum energy signature complexes. They are very similar to homeopathic remedies, but are made differently. Both systems rely on the theory that energy effects body chemistry.

Disease causing agent categories include:

    • – Chemical toxins (additives, preservatives, etc.)
      – Food origin toxins (lectins; food reactions, bacteria, etc.)
      – Environmental toxins (mold, chemtrails, misc. inhaled toxins)
      – Cosmetic toxins (hair color, make up, etc.)
      – Medication/narcotic toxin (prescription or illegal)
      – Metal toxins (dental, cookware, jewelry, water, etc.)
      – Injected toxins (vaccination sources, tatoos, etc.)
      – Pathogens (cocci, bacilli, viruses, parasites, etc.)
      – Arthopod toxins (Bite/sting venom sources)
      – Structural toxins (physical trauma or injury)
      – Electromagnetic toxins (infrared, radiation, etc)
      – Emotional toxins (negative emotional experiences)
      – Spiritual toxins (negative spiritual experiences)
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