Living an Extraordinary Life: The Joy of Meditation (and other treasures)



With Ferran Blasco Aguasca

5-Week class in person and Online.

February 16th to March 16th, Thursdays, 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm

At Rochester Acupuncture, Shen Dao Institute

Dear friends, we hope you are well.

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming program, “THE JOY OF MEDITATION (AND OTHER TREASURES)”. This is a 12-month meditation program, in person or online, that includes:

  • – Group teachings and practices to explain the instructions.
  • – Daily personal guided practices to progress along the path.
  • – Reading suggestions and reflections to include meditation in your daily life.
  • – Personal and group retreats to deepen the experience of meditation.

How can Meditation help you:

By learning how to meditate you can:

  • – Connect with the source of creativity and joy.
  • – Quickly attain a state of calmness and optimism.
  • – Balance your emotions, reduce stress and overcome anxiety.
  • – Improve your health and develop wellbeing.
  • – Connect with a sense of true abundance and fulfillment.
  • – Understand your life purpose and personal path.
  • – Improve you relations, release trauma and accomplish personal goals.

This program is for you if you want to learn how to meditate and gain all the benefits of meditation in a simple, structured and sequential way. You will receive the knowledge and tools to have a solid and enjoyable meditation practice.

The program is divided in five sequential modules. Participants must complete them in order to fully benefit from the program. Modules can be repeated as many times as desired before moving into the next levels.

Module 1 – “The Joy of Meditation (and other treasures)”

The first module sets the foundation for this program. It starts on February 16th. It includes:

5 group meetings (either in person or by online recording) 12 hours of personal practice. Suggested reading and exercises.

In this module you will learn:

  • – What is meditation? What is not?
  • – What to expect? What not to expect?
  • – How can meditation help you achieve your dreams and transform your life?
  • – The origins of this program.
  • – The formula to bring sacredness into your practice: Motivation, practice, dedication.
  • – The Three Stabilities of Good Meditation Posture.
  • – The foundation techniques and use of supports.
  • – How to organize a meditation session?
  • – How to create and maintain a personal daily practice?
  • – Issues that might present during practice.
  • – Using aspiration prayers to enhance your practice.
  • – Transforming your day into a beautiful 24 hour meditation.

After completing the 5 meetings and 12 hours of personal practice, students can apply to the next level – Module II – “The Three treasures” – 8 week course.

This meeting is open to everybody, feel free to share the invitation.


Cost: $135

Meetings at Rochester Acupuncture. 126 East 3rd Street, Rochester, Michigan – 48307

Registration: Please email or call (248) 841-1570 to RSVP

Looking forward to see you and live an extraordinary life together.

Big Hug!





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