Biotherapeutic drainage


“Drainage is the individualized combination of measures
to ensure the regular elimination of toxins that burden the body of a person.”

Dr. Leon Vannier

What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a unique method to recover and maintain wellbeing by promoting efficient eliminations of toxins from the body while regulating the proper functioning of the organs, tissues and glands.

By normal function, cells release wastes and toxins into the surrounding tissues. Drainage is the process ensuring that these wastes and toxins are carried by blood and lymph out of cells and tissues toward the excretory organs call emunctories for their elimination. (1)

Biotherapeutic drainage facilitates the organism’s natural tendency to release these toxins, without aggression, side effects or without forcing the body’s natural ability to eliminate.

Biotherapeutic drainage was developed by European doctors to address patients’ health problems that result from weaknesses in the body’s ability to deal with environmental toxins, poor nutrition and stress overload.

It is safe and gentle enough to be used in infants, children, adults and elderly patients as well as patients on various medications, and ot can be used in conjunction with other modalities.

What are the basic principles of Biotherapeutic Drainage?

– The body has the potential to naturally eliminate toxins, both those exogenously acquired and endogenously produced.

– The goal is to normalize physiology by optimizing the body’s capacity to eliminate toxins.

– When physiology is normalized, disease cannot exist.

– The treatment is of individual patients, not diseases.

– The method of removing blockages to normal functioning respects physiology.

– It works at both an intracellular and extracellular level due to homeopathic remedy potency.

– It is not a quick fix.

– We must understand that nature takes time to heal and return physiology to normal by removing the toxic overload from today’s environmental chemicals.

What is the therapeutic intent of Biotherapeutic Drainage? (2)

– To encourage the body towards homeostasis.

– To address the underlying cause of disease, not just the symptoms.

– To encourage physiological equilibrium and self-regulation.

– To be powerful yet gentle healing.

– To return the patient to their true natural state of health and vitality.

– To restore health to the body in a long-lasting and effective way.

Differences between Drainage and Detoxification?

Drainage and detoxification is not the same thing, they are actually very different.

Detoxification forces the body to release toxins into the bloodstream. If the emunctories (routes of elimination) are not working correctly, the body must then store these toxins again. This often causes the so-called healing crisis because the body may or may not be able to eliminate these toxins via the primary emunctories.

Drainage acts on three levels: at the cell, tissue and organ level, thus the toxins have an efficient route of elimination. The remedies help the body with two complementary actions: stimulate the elimination of toxins and increase the function of the normal routes of elimination.

The normal routes of elimination are divided into two categories:

– primary: liver, kidney, intestines, lungs.

– and secondary: skin, mucus membranes, nose and genitals.

When the primary routes are not functioning adequately, the secondary routes are recruited in order to facilitate elimination of toxic material.

What remedies are used in Biotherapeutic Drainage? (2)

The basic types of remedies used are:

– Low potency homeopathic remedies: In the 3x, 6x, or 4 to 5 CH, or 30K potencies have resonance inside the cell. They provide Biotherapeutic Drainage by regaining cellular physiological function by providing the key to eliminate its toxins, thereby normalizing organ physiological function. When used in a combination of plant with mineral remedies will carry the minerals to organs with affinity to the plants.

– Trace or Oligo Elements: are essential catalysts in enzymatic and metabolic pathways, functioning like a spark plug in a car; aim to re-regulate the metabolism; prepare the terrain of a patient for a more ready and successful response; support and maximize the efficiency of plant medicine prescriptions.

– Tissue Salts, Cell Salts, or Schuessler Salts: Dr. Schuessler, a German doctor, observed that all diseases are related to a deficiency of mineral salts in the body. He discovered that the symptoms of the disease, or imbalance, vary according to what is lacking. He concluded that by giving the deficient salts, the body could regain equilibrium and heal the illness.

– Gemmotherapy (Phytoembryotherapy): They have the power of cleansing cells by draining away toxic metabolic waste products such as mucus, broken down metabolites, dead cells from the defense system, auto-immune complexes and antibodies. Gemmotherapy remedies build up the function of organs and therefore encourage more efficient elimination of toxins.

To act as Biotherapeutic Drainage agents products need to have an intra-cellular. This means that they must be in a concentration or potentization the same as the interior of the cell. Macro doses of vitamins, minerals and herbs will not act inside the cell, instead they act on tissues and organ systems.

Homeopathic remedies in low potency have resonance inside the cell in a way indicated by the Materia Medica. Often a combination of products, all with intracellular resonance, are successfully used together for maximum effect. For example, plants remedies can be combined with mineral remedies in a single product, or they can be separate components of a complex prescription. Mineral remedies can be prescribed singly or in combination in trace amounts or in homeopathic dilutions. Alternatively, they can be prescribed as cell salts, which are usually a combination of two minerals at a concentration found within the cell. The conceptual framework of Miasm, Temperament and Constitution can be used in clinical practice to choose the combination of remedies or products to effectively treat the patient at all levels.

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